Halmstadgruppens metamorfoser : en studie av en konstnärsgrupp

Bo Keck

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The purpose of this thesis is to study a Swedish group of artists (Sven Jonson, Waldemar Lorentzon, Stellan Mörner, Axel Olson, Erik Olson, Esaias Thorén), both as a social phenomenon and as an intellectual fellowship. Is it possible to discern a pattern in the social development, and a unity in the group as well as among the members, related to a change of artistic manner and style?
The theories used are supposed to be complementary and contribute to making different features of the group of artists visible. In analysing the change in style over time, and how the group and its individuals were influenced by other groups and artists, Ludwik Fleck´s concepts of "Denkkollektiv" and "Denkstil" is used.
To be able to understand the role of the artist in society, Pierre Bourdieu´s theories have been introduced. Ferdinand Tönnies´concepts of "Gemeinschaft" and "Gesellschaft" are used in the analysis of the group of artists.
Halmstadgruppen was officially founded in 1929. The members of Halmstadgruppen spent a long time together as a group , fifty years. It is unique in the history of art. They had a great influence on the cultural and artistic life in Sweden, an influence that is noticeable even today. Halmstadgruppen stands out as a group where the members had different roles. These complementary roles and the developing metamorphoses that the group was passing through over the years contributed to a unique solidarity through five decades.
The study shows that the development of Halmstadgruppen can be divided into three phases: an establishing phase before 1930, when the members of the group came together; a second phase from 1930 until the Second World War, when the group painted in a surrealistic style and developed a close intellectual fellowship; and a third phase after the Second World War, when the members left the surrealistic style and the individuals developed their personal ways of painting.
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  • Broberg, Gunnar, handledare
Tilldelningsdatum2014 maj 30
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-86709-33-4
StatusPublished - 2014

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Date: 2014-05-30
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