Höftfrakturer - ett enormt folkhälsoproblem

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Hip fracture is the most serious and resource consuming consequence of osteoporosis. All patients need operation and hospital treatment which gives a great health economic impact.
The two main types of hip fracture are cervical (femoral neck, intracapsular) and trochanteric (extra capsular). For the displaced cervical fractures the blood circulation to the femoral head is more or less damaged which can result in healing complications such as pseudarthrosis or femoral head necrosis. The extracapsular trochanteric fractures have good vascular supply and few healing complications. They are instead often multifragmented with stability problems influencing weight bearing and rehabilitation. Recently in Sweden displaced cervical fractures are more operated with arthroplasty. For less displaced cervical fractures as well as undisplaced the osteosynthesis remains the method of choice. Trochanteric fractures are mainly operated with a screw with a side plate. The treatment has successively been improved with immediate postoperative weight bearing, rapid mobilisation and continued rehabilitation in the patient's own home. The time in hospital has been halved during the last 15 years and is now mean 10 days in Sweden. Return to origin has remained around 50%. The rehabilitation result is dependent on nursing, operation technical and biological healing factors. The national quality register RIKSHÖFT is the basis for improvements with optimised treatment and continuous development. This audit and feedback aims at keeping the treatment on a high level all over Sweden. Prevention of osteoporosis and falls in patients who have sustained a hip fracture is an important health promoting work.
Bidragets översatta titel Hip fractures--an enormous public health problem
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StatusPublished - 2006

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