Hyresvärlden: Maktrelationer på hyresmarknaden i Malmö ca 1880 - 1925

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This dissertation deals with the rental relations in Malmö between 1880 – 1925. This period witnessed extensive changes in Swedish society, including on the housing market. Industrialization and the rapid pace of urbanization created the basis for a housing market with a strong speculative element. Tenement housing made its breakthrough in Malmö around the turn of the 20th century. New housing areas dominated by tenements and almost exclusively inhabited by workers emerged in the periphery of the city. The property-owner’s profits increased as a result of the advantages af large-scale patterns which tenement housing entailed. Exploitation of the tenant thus escalated.

The housing laws which existed were rudimentary and were primarily designed to safeguard the landlord from payment-evading tenants. The position of the tenant was in fact enchanced during the period under study. However this development cannot be attributed solely to development of more just legislation, but also to ie., changes in rental relations and the progress of the labor movement.

The nature of rental relations and the relationship between the tenant and the property-owner forms the core of this study. These relations are here viewed as power relations, where the position of one party is dependent upon the power resources which he may dispose of. This perspective is anchored in a well-established tradition within Social History, although it has hereto been applied mainly to analyses of the parties on the labor market.

The study builds primarily on local material from Malmö. One important aspect is that of everyday conflicts between landlord and tenant regarding rent and other contractual provisions. There is an abundance of material pertaining to these conflicts, such as court proceedings. A central theme in the dissertation consists of analyzing the organization of the two parties, namely in property-owner’s associations and tenant associations. In this context, it is also possible to problematize the rental relations in terms of class and class consciousness.
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