I geoekonomins tid

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It is increasingly evident that the centre of gravity of international relations is shifting in the direction of Asia. China’s economic and political rise is the single most important dimension of this development. This coincides with fading American hegemony, obvious during, but in essence not limited to, the Trump Presidency. These actor-level changes take place within a context of structural change of the global order, defined by competitive and redistributive globalization. The concept of geoeconomics is fruitful for grasping what is under way. Understood as geopolitical consequences of economic processes and economic consequences of geopolitical shifts, geoeconomics has become the defining feature of international relations in the era of advanced globalization. This development in turn emphasizes flow security as the primary security dynamic. As these contours of the future order are becoming clearer, Europe – and the EU – is increasingly challenged in terms of global relevance.
Sidor (från-till)125-145
Antal sidor21
TidskriftStatsvetenskaplig tidskrift
StatusPublished - 2021 mars 19

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