Icelandic declarative V1: a brief overview

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This squib is a brief state of the art overview of declarative V1 in Icelandic, old and modern. Three
(relevant) types of such clauses are discussed: Narrative Inversion, with an overt topical subject
directly after the verb, Presentational V1, with an overt non-topical subject, and Null-subject V1.
Narrative Inversion is a robust main clause phenomenon, whereas Presentational V1 and Null-subject
V1 are found in subordinate clauses, albeit less frequently than in main clauses. The
restrictions on declarative V1 have remained largely stable throughout the history of Icelandic. All
three types are continuity/linking orders, hence typical of narrative and other cohesive texts, but very
rare, almost nonexistent, in common discourse types in spoken language. Overall, declarative V1 is
more characteristic of and common in Old Icelandic texts than in Modern Icelandic texts, presumably
as the bulk of the preserved Old Icelandic texts are narrative texts, while such texts are only a
fraction of accessible Modern Icelandic texts.
UtgivareWorking Papers in Scandinavian Syntax
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StatusPublished - 2018


NamnWorking Papers in Scandinavian Syntax
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