Individuelle oder institutionelle Religionsfreiheit in verschiedenen Staat-Kirche-Verhältnissen

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The liberty of religion is not easy to define or regulate. It is closely connected to other liberties and rights. Starting from individual liberty, the consequence will be a right to religion or from religion, the right to change religion or confession, and the right to transition from religion to no religion, or from no religion to religion. It is obvious that the state, the religious denominations, and the individual person may define religion; however the question remains in what fields. It is easier to state when the individual freedom of religion is being endangered or repealed in law or life.

In the latest decades the individually motivated freedom of religion has been strengthened on the cost of institutionally motivated freedom. A possible consequence may be that institutional freedom of religion is being forced back, not only in principle, but also in practice, of which the Swiss interdict on minarets is an example. To the individuals, this consequence may be understood as a strong restriction also on their individual freedom of religion.

This touches upon the great problem how the individual is being understood and defined by him/herself, from his/her cultural or religious context, and from the ambient society. The modern, secularized concept of the individual and of the relation between individual and institution is of basic importance to the way of thinking as well as the legislation in the western world. Still, the emphasis on the rights of the individual must also contain a respect for and a dialogue with the institutional perspectives.
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TidskriftReligion - Staat - Gesellschaft. Zeitschrift für Glaubensformen und Weltanschauungen/Journal for the Study of Beliefs and Worldviews
Volym14. Jahrgang (2013)
StatusPublished - 2013

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