Influence of Manufacturing Error Tolerances on Thermal EHL Behavior of Gears

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Due to the electrification of vehicles, new demands are being imposed on gears, which translates to the tolerances of manufacturing errors. However, not many studies treat the impact of manufacturing error combinations on the lubricant behavior of gear sets. Therefore, a simulation method is developed, including its derivation, discretization, and implementation. The method solves the thermal elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication (TEHL) problem, taking into account the varying temperature, viscosity, density, and cavitation of the lubricant. To account for manufacturing errors, the load distribution from a loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA), developed by the authors, is used as input to the TEHL method. Comparison is made with a standard load distribution assumption, and a numerical example is used to show some preliminary results. The results show good agreement with results from other studies. It is shown that there is a great effect of manufacturing errors on the TEHL behavior, such as temperature, due to the change in load distribution such errors impose. It can be concluded that manufacturing errors of different tolerances have a great impact and that they should therefore be taken into consideration when analyzing gear set behavior and constructing gear sets for new applications.

StatusPublished - 2022 nov.

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