Inside the Internet

Peter Anderberg, Jonas Falkvall, Bodil Jönsson

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One may begin describing the distance course “IT and Learning- rehabilitation engineering” by saying that it was a great success. Looking back, it is evident that our experience from two years of working with Internet-based teaching prior to the present course was absolutely vital to its favorable outcome. It is difficult to switch from classroom-based to Internet-based teaching. There are mechanisms in Internet-based teaching that must be learned by trial and error. Otherwise, the discrepancy between the official course description and how the course actually turns out may become too great. It is not possible to form a clear overall conception of the course by looking at its different components. The most interesting aspect of the course is what happens at the intersection of technology and educational methodology, and the choice of tools is very important to the outcome of this meeting.
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StatusPublished - 1998


ISSN (tryckt)1101-9956

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