Insights in α-Al2O3 degradation in multilayer CVD coated carbide tools when turning IN718

Henry Boyle, Susanne Norgren, Pete Crawforth, Katerina Christofidou, Denis Boing, Martin Jackson

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikel i vetenskaplig tidskriftPeer review


The degradation behaviour of textured CVD α-alumina has received significant attention within academic literature with regard to steel turning. In contrast, the research performed on Ni-based superalloys is yet to be brought up to the same level of understanding. Hence, the objective of this report will be to offer insights with regard to the degradation mechanisms of the textured alumina layer of CVD Ti(C,N)/α- Al2O3 coated carbides when turning a Ni-based superalloy, and to explore the role of different wear mechanisms that contribute to cutting tool failure. Adhesive wear was observed to be the primary wear mechanism responsible for coating failure, which can result in sudden mechanically driven grain pull-out and delamination events. Grain-pull out was observed across the entire contact zone; delamination was observed to occur most frequently around the trailing edge and depth-of-cut notches, and towards the end of the contact zone as the chip separates from the tool. Evidence of characteristic plastic deformation induced ridges in the alumina coating surface were also revealed within the sliding zone, leading to gradual wear of the alumina layer. These findings demonstrate that there are both similarities and differences in alumina degradation behaviour when compared to previous studies conducted on steel turning.

StatusPublished - 2023

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