Introducing a Swedish Translation of the Workplace Incivility Scale

Elinor Schad, Eva Torkelson, Martin Bäckström, Björn Karlson

Forskningsoutput: Working paper/PreprintWorking paper


This article reports the reliability and validity of the Swedish version of the Workplace Incivility Scale (WIS), a 7-item self-report measure assessing subjectively appraised workplace incivility. The scale was offered to all 490 white-collar employees in a medium size Swedish company resulting in a response frequency of 54 % consisting of 266 participants. The results indicate a good internal consistency with an alpha value of .88 comparable to the original results reported by Cortina, Magley, Williams, and Langhout (2001). The construct validity of the translated scale was demonstrated by a one- factor solution and correlations with theoretically relevant concepts support the convergent validity. The results support the use of the Swedish translation of WIS as a reliable and valid instrument to measure workplace incivility.
Antal sidor15
StatusPublished - 2014


NamnLund Psychological Reports

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Psykologi


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