It takes two to Tango!

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If you want to become “teacher of the year“ - how do you do? The easy answer is to get yourself a group of “students of the year“! But, if you don't have that – how do you help your average students to become “students of the year“? In order to do that we must be active and take pedagogical leadership.
In this roundtable we want to discuss questions like:
• How can we stimulate the students’ interest in the course subject?
• How do we make the students contribute to the teaching and learning?
• How can we support the students’ work outside of scheduled time? In short, how do we make sure that the students remember the teaching (how much they learned) in our course five months later when they have to nominate and elect “teacher of the year”?
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FörlagLunds Tekniska Högskola
StatusPublished - 2008
EvenemangLTHs 5:e Pedagogiska Inspirationskonferens, 2008 - Lund, Sverige
Varaktighet: 2008 okt. 232008 okt. 23


KonferensLTHs 5:e Pedagogiska Inspirationskonferens, 2008

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  • Pedagogik
  • Datavetenskap (datalogi)


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