Justice in the Prophetic Tradition

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In my recent study Divining History: On Prophetism, Messianism and the Development of the Idea of the Spirit (Berghahn, 2016), I explored the notion of justice in the biblical-prophetic tradition. This paper is partly an extraction of the first and the last chapter of the book, but also goes further, as I try to delve deeper into the particular nature of this specific idea of justice. The paper consists of three parts. First, I turn to the Hebrew Bible and describe briefly the context in which the prophetic idea of justice first evolves. Second, I try to capture some of the defining characteristics of this idea. Third and finally, I try to indicate the relevance of this prophetic tradition for our contemporary politico-philosophical debates on justice by relating to the discourse on law and justice initiated by Jacques Derrida in the nineties and followed up by Giorgio Agamben in the last decades.
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StatusPublished - 2017

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