Laminar burning velocity of lean methane/air flames under pulsed microwave irradiation

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Laminar burning velocity of lean methane/air flames exposed to pulsed microwave irradiation is determined experimentally as part of an effort to accurately quantify the enhancement resulting from exposure of the flame to pulsed microwaves. The experimental setup consists of a heat flux burner mounted in a microwave cavity, where the microwave has an average power of up to 250 W at an E-field in the range of 350–380 kV/m. Laminar burning velocities for the investigated methane/air flames increase from 1.8 to 12.7% when exposed to microwaves. The magnitude of the enhancement is dependent on pulse sequence (duration and frequency) and the strength of the electric field. From the investigated pulse sequences, and at a constant E-field and average power, the largest effect on the flame is obtained for the longest pulse, namely 50 μs. The results presented in this work are, to the knowledge of the authors, the first direct determination of laminar burning velocity on a laminar stretch-free flame exposed to pulsed microwaves.

StatusPublished - 2021 nov.

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