Land Surveyors without Borders - Double Degrees for Neighbours at a Common Market

Klas Ernald Borges, Esben Munk Sørensen

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The university programmes are basically nationally based, developed from the historical needs of specific need of a society. The Bologna process is challenging the educational market mainly at post-graduate level. The exchange of students is still limited to a reduced number of curious and ambitious persons, many with a high interest for cultural exchange – the ‘exotic dimension’. Individual careers based on double exams will always attract the excellent students, but still tiny elite of persons. The EU objective of international mobility at the labour market is restricted to those with a low cost assessment of the individual mobility at the international market. Most of us identify ourselves to our national labour market as life time dedication. Our personal and professional life might be enriched by international experience, but still directed towards our national perspective of labour market.

The corporate world has long ago abandoned the national perspective. The survival of companies is basically based on an international market. Marketing demands a solid understanding of the national characteristics of the cultural and economic behaviour of every individual society, country and people. Good and detailed market surveys are critical.

The universities provide professionals with a national perspective, based on the characteristics of the national labour market. Traditions of land law profiles in surveying programmes demand nationally based programmes. Lund University (Sweden) and Aalborg University Centre (Denmark) has embarked upon a double degree concept. The ‘exotic’ dimension is not prevailing – such students might choose other exchange programs. We try to approach the educational market to the business market. We want to provide the business market with professionals that are prepared for the existing common market of land developments. Companies understand the potential of neighbouring markets, while the public authorities still act with a strong national perspective. We want to provide the market with professionals without any doubts in working without borders. The double degree Sweden-Denmark identifies the core subjects for the land surveyors without limits of the border.
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FörlagFIG - Fédération Internationale des Géomètres
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StatusPublished - 2006
EvenemangXXIII FIG Congress - Munich, Tyskland
Varaktighet: 2006 okt 82006 okt 13


KonferensXXIII FIG Congress

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