Large screen enabled tri-port MIMO handset antenna for low LTE bands

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In recent years, the screen-to-body ratio of mobile handsets has been increasing. Today, the screen nearly fills up the entire front side. Conventionally, the screen is mainly seen as a metallic object that adversely affects antenna performance. In this paper, the large screen is used for the first time to facilitate an additional uncorrelated MIMO port in a tri-port design, for several LTE bands below 1 GHz. To this end, the screen and the terminal chassis are modeled as two metal plates and their characteristic modes are analyzed. Four modes are then tuned to resonance and selectively excited to yield three uncorrelated MIMO ports. Simulation and measurement results are in good agreement. The measured bandwidths are 23%, 17% and 21%. Within the operating band, the measured isolation is above 13 dB, envelope correlation coefficient below 0.16 and average total efficiency above 72%.
Sidor (från-till)911-920
TidskriftIEEE Open Journal on Antennas and Propagation
Tidigt onlinedatum2021
StatusPublished - 2021

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