Loading data onto an electronic device

Ben Smeets (uppfinnare), Marcus Bodensjö (uppfinnare), Harro Osthoff (uppfinnare), Patrik Schalin (uppfinnare)

Forskningsoutput: Patent


A method of protecting an electronic device from unauthorized reprogramming, the electronic device comprising a data memory and a key memory, the method comprising loading into the key memory a predetermined public key of a cryptographic public key mechanism for verifying subsequent data items to be loaded into the data memory, the subsequent data items being signed with a corresponding private key; characterized in that the method further comprises setting a permanent identifier in the electronic device, the permanent identifier including an identifier identifying an entity authorized to reprogram the electronic device and an indicator identifying a selected one of a number of categories of public keys.
StatusPublished - 2009 sep. 8

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

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