Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a common cardiovascular autonomic disorder characterized by excessive heart rate increase on standing and symptoms of orthostatic intolerance, posing significant limitations on functional capacity. No objective tool exists to classify symptom burden in POTS.

We conducted a case-control study in 62 POTS patients and 50 healthy controls to compare symptom burden between groups using the newly developed, self-rating, 12-item, Malmö POTS Score (MAPS; 0-10 per item, total range 0-120) based on patients’ own perception of symptoms through visual analogue scale assessment. We have also explored correlations between symptom severity assessed by MAPS, basic clinical parameters and postural haemodynamic changes.

POTS patients showed significantly higher total MAPS score (78±20 vs. 14±12, p
Symptom severity, as assessed by MAPS score, is 5-fold higher in POTS compared with healthy individuals. The new MAPS score can be useful as a semi-quantitative system to assess symptom burden, monitor disease progression and evaluate pre-test likelihood of disease.
TidskriftEuropean Heart Journal, Supplement
NummerSupplement K
StatusPublished - 2022 dec.
EvenemangAnnual Congress of Italian Society of Cardiology - Rome, Italien
Varaktighet: 2022 dec. 152022 dec. 18

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