Mapping Customer Experience of Unattended Delivery Services in E-Grocery Retail

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The purpose of this study is to empirically identify and describe customer experience of unattended delivery services in e-grocery retail, and suggest propositions for further research and development of the research area.

This exploratory research is based on a series of qualitative interviews to explore customer experience of unattended grocery delivery services. Semi-structured interviews with nine early adopters of such services were conducted. The coding revealed patterns of customer experience based on which propositions were put forward.

The empirical evidence shows that there are four dimensions of customer experience created by unattended delivery services. The emotional dimension includes flexibility, ease of use, luxury and futurism. Cognitive experience includes saving time, security, and food safety. The social dimension refers to interactions with family, friends and colleagues. Finally, the behavioral dimension includes willingness to pay, as well as word-of-mouth.

Research limitations/implications (if applicable)
To support further theory development, this study presents propositions on the dimensions of customer experience created by unattended delivery services. Moreover, the study findings enhance the understanding of customer experience creation throughout the customer journey.

Practical implications (if applicable)
What outcomes and implications for practice, applications and consequences are identified? How will the research impact upon the business or enterprise? What changes to practice should be made as a result of this research? What is the commercial or economic impact? Not all papers will have practical implications.

This study contains the first in-depth investigation of customer experience in unattended grocery delivery services, an emerging phenomenon in last mile e-grocery delivery.
StatusPublished - 2021
EvenemangNOFOMA 2021 - Reykjavik, Island
Varaktighet: 2021 sep. 282021 sep. 30


KonferensNOFOMA 2021

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  • Transportteknik och logistik


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