Measurement of the coherent beam properties at the CoSAXS beamline

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The CoSAXS beamline at the MAX IV Laboratory is a modern multi-purpose (coherent) small-Angle X-ray scattering (CoSAXS) instrument, designed to provide intense and optionally coherent illumination at the sample position, enabling coherent imaging and speckle contrast techniques. X-ray tracing simulations used to design the beamline optics have predicted a total photon flux of 1012-1013 photons s-1 and a degree of coherence of up to 10% at 7.1 keV. The normalized degree of coherence and the coherent flux of this instrument were experimentally determined using the separability of a ptychographic reconstruction into multiple mutually incoherent modes and thus the Coherence in the name CoSAXS was verified. How the beamline can be used both for coherent imaging and XPCS measurements, which both heavily rely on the degree of coherence of the beam, was demonstrated. These results are the first experimental quantification of coherence properties in a SAXS instrument at a fourth-generation synchrotron light source.

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TidskriftJournal of Synchrotron Radiation
StatusPublished - 2021 nov. 1

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