Metabolites of Avena sativa with Blood Cholesterol Lowering Properties

Narda Thuresson

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Oat is one of the cereals that has been increasing in popularity during the last years. Oats are usually consumed for breakfast as a porridge, muesli, bread, or oat drinks which are included in, for example, smoothies. But why is it important to consume oats?

There are two types of cholesterol, bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. The bad cholesterol can build up plaque inside arteries, and thus increase the risk of dangerous illness. On the other hand, good cholesterol helps to remove the plaque from the arteries.

Consumption of oats in humans and animals has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and thus reducing the risk of, for example, atherosclerosis. The reason why oats are good for reducing the bad cholesterol is due to the presence of big molecules such as soluble fibers in oats. Furthermore, we suggest that small molecules in oats also have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol.

In our everyday life, we use different types of oils, such olive oil or sunflower oil. Oat oil is chemically similar to other oils, but has a particular golden color. However, it is not very common to find it in the market. In our studies, we developed a method in which we could demonstrate that small molecules present in oat oil can reduce bad cholesterol in the body.
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  • Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
  • Sterner, Olov, handledare
  • Manner, Sophie, handledare
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Tilldelningsdatum2017 nov. 10
ISBN (tryckt)9789174225495
ISBN (elektroniskt)9789174225491
StatusPublished - 2017 okt.

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Date: 2017-11-10
Time: 10:00
Place: Lecture hall B, Center for chemistry and chemical engineering, Naturvetarvägen 14, Lund.
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Name: Horsfelt Skibsted, Leif
Title: Professor
Affiliation: University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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  • Farmakologi och toxikologi


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