Model scale compartment fire tests with wall lining materials

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Two series of tests with wall lining materials in an extensively equipped model scale room have been carried out. The dimensions of the room were 1.2 X 0.8 X 0.8 m³. In test series I the wall lining materials were mounted on three walls and in the ceiling. This test series comprised thirteen different materials. In test series I1 ten different materials were tested. They were mounted on the walls only. The test compartment was instrumented for measurement of gas temperatures. surface temperatures, heat flux. rate of heat release and for analysis of oxygen. Carbonmonoxide, carbondioxide and smoke.The ignition source was a propane gas diffusion burner. During the first 10 minutes the burner output was 11 kW. If no sustained burning in the material was achieved during this period the energy output was raised tv 33 kW. In the report all the collected data are summarized in tables, giving values at flashover and for combustion products production rates and total production. In appendices the time curves for the measured variables are given together with visual observations made during the tests.
FörlagDepartment of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety, Lund University
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StatusPublished - 1988


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