Multiple scattering by a collection of randomly located obstacles Part IV: The effect of the pair correlation function

Gerhard Kristensson, Magnus Gustavsson, Niklas Wellander

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The effect of two different pair correlation functions, used to model multiple scattering in a slab filled with randomly located spherical particles, is investigated. Specifically, the Percus-Yevick approximation is employed and a comparison with the simple hole correction is made. The kernel entries of the hole correction have an analytic solution, which makes the numerical solution of the integral equations possible. The kernel entries of Percus-Yevick approximation are integrated numerically after a subtraction of the slowly converging part in the integrand. Several numerical examples illustrate the effect of the two pair correlation functions, and we also make a comparison with the predictions Bouguer-Beer law gives.
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StatusPublished - 2021


NamnTechnical Report LUTEDX/(TEAT-7272)/1-23/(2021)

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