Neolithic Diversities : Perspectives from a conference in Lund, Sweden

Kristian Brink (redaktör), Susan Hydén (redaktör), Kristina Jennbert (redaktör), Lars Larsson (redaktör), Deborah Olausson (redaktör)

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Papers from a conference in Lund, Sweden. The title of the conference was "What's new in the Neolithic". The book brings together the latest research on the Neolithic of northern Europe.

In the study of the distant human past, certain events and periods have come to represent decisive passages from one human state to another. From a global perspective, the characteristic feature of the last ten thousand years is that people in different parts of the world, and at different points in time, started to grow plants and domesticate animals. The rise and dissemination of agriculture were crucial factors for the continued existence of humankind on earth. The incipient agriculture is often regarded as the very beginning of human culture, as it has traditionally been perceived in western historiography, that is, as control over nature and the “cultivation” of intellectual abilities.
As a result of the increasing national and international interest in the northern European Neolithic (4000–2000 BC), combined with large-scale archaeological excavations which helped to nuance and modify the picture of the period, senior researchers and research students formed a Neolithic group in 2010. The Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Lund University served as the base, but the group also included collaborators from Linnaeus University and Södertörn University, and from the Southern Contract Archaeology Division of the National Heritage Board in Lund and Sydsvensk Arkeologi in Malmö and Kristianstad.
Meetings and excursions in the following two years resulted in the holding of an international conference in Lund in May 2013 entitled “What’s New in the Neolithic”. Invitations to this conference were sent to two dozen prominent Neolithic scholars from northern and central Europe. This publication gives aspects of innovative research on the European Neolithic.
FörlagDepartment of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University
Antal sidor250
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-89578-60-9
StatusPublished - 2015


NamnActa Archaeologica Lundensia. Series in 8°
ISSN (tryckt)0065-0994

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  • Historia och arkeologi


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