Network Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Mesh Networks for Machine-to-Machine Communication

Emma Fitzgerald, Michał Pióro, Artur Tomaszewski

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In this paper we present new optimization formulations for maximizing the network lifetime in wireless mesh networks performing data aggregation and dissemination for machine-to- machine communication in the Internet of Things. We focus on heterogeneous networks in which multiple applications co-exist and nodes may take on different roles for different applications. Moreover, we address network reconfiguration as a means to increase the network lifetime, in keeping with the current trend towards software defined networks and network function virtualization. To test our optimization formulations, we conducted a numerical study using randomly generated mesh networks from 10 to 30 nodes, and showed that the network lifetime can be increased using network reconfiguration by up to 75% over a single, minimal-energy configuration. Further, our solutions are feasible to implement in practical scenarios: only few configurations are needed, thus requiring little storage for a standalone network, and the synchronization and signalling needed to switch configurations is low relative to each configuration’s operating time.
TidskriftAd Hoc Networks
StatusPublished - 2019

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