New comminution applications using hydrocone crushers with setting regulation in real time

Arvid Svensson, Per Hedvall, Max Fjæstad

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The setting (distance between mantle and concave ring) of the Hydrocone cone crusher is altered, even with the crusher operating at full load, by lifting or lowering the mantle by means of a hydraulic piston (Hydroset). Modern developments in the field of electronics and microcomputers have made it possible to design a small, reliable and very sophisticated system for automatic regulation of the setting of a Hydrocone crusher. The system monitors energy consumption, crushing force and setting and continuously adapts the crusher to even small variations in the feed and/or operating conditions. This technology has expanded the range of applications that can be successfully solved with cone crushers. In the paper we will give a general description of modern cone crusher technology and also give some examples of new possible applications. Fine crushing in closed circuit with a screen can, thanks to automation and carefully designed crushing chambers, compete with rod mills. Products smaller than 3 mm are common. Another example is the crushing of a gold ore to - 10 mm, in open circuit, with a Hydrocone crusher. The automation system ensures that the crusher runs at the smallest possible setting and thus ensures that the correct discharge is produced. In some applications it is interesting to operate cone crushers in a wet process. About 20 years ago, Allis Mineral Systems installed the first Hydrocones with water injected together with the feed. These crushers are still in operation and we will present our experiences. Small flexible cone crushers with computer control can be used to create more cost efficient ore crushing plants than the conventional installations with few large machines. The "crushing cassette" idea is presented.

Sidor (från-till)461-469
Antal sidor9
TidskriftInternational Journal of Mineral Processing
NummerSPEC. ISS.
StatusPublished - 1996 jan. 1
Externt publiceradJa

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