Nonablative neonatal bone marrow transplantation rapidly reverses severe murine osteopetrosis despite only minimal engraftment and no evidence of selective recruitment of cells to the osteoclastic lineage

C. Flores, T. de Vries, M. Askmyr, I. Moscatelli, T. Schoenmaker, G. Langenbach, Mats Ehinger, V. Everts, J. Richter

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragPublicerat konferensabstractPeer review

Sidor (från-till)S7-S8
TidskriftExperimental Hematology
StatusPublished - 2009
Evenemang38th Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISEH-Society-for-Hematology-and-Stem-Cells - Athens, Grekland
Varaktighet: 2009 sep. 92009 sep. 12

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  • Hematologi

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