Nordic Occupational Skin Questionnaire - NOSQ

M-A Flyvholm, P Susitaival, B Meding, L Kanerva, M Lindberg, Åke Svensson, JH Olafsson

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Questionnaires for surveying work-related skin diseases and exposures have been designed in the Nordic Occupational Skin Questionnaire (NOSQ) project.

NOSQ-2002/SHORT is a short, ready-to-use questionnaire for screening and monitoring occupational skin diseases on hands and forearms. NOSQ-2002/LONG is a longer, more in-depth questionnaire for surveying hand dermatitis and risk factors in workplaces or in a population. The Nordic Council of Ministers has the copyright to the NOSQ-2002 questionnaires. Use of the questionnaires is free of charge. The NOSQ-2002 questionnaires and their present and possible future translations cannot be used commercially.

The NOSQ-2002 report includes a review of pertinent literature on questionnaire methods for skin disease studies and the NOSQ-2002/INFO version of the questionnaire including instructions and recommendations to researchers and guidelines for modification.
FörlagNordic Council of Ministers
Antal sidor200
ISBN (tryckt)92-893-0760-9
StatusPublished - 2002



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