On Road Network Utility Based on Risk-Aware Link Choice

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We have previously shown how it is possible to lower accident risk levels while at the same time increasing traffic flows with the aid of vehicular ad-hoc networks. In this paper, we extend the online traffic accident risk mitigation sys- tem to include link choice. We develop an algorithm that allows vehicles to choose road links that provide the current maximal utility, based on information received over a vehicular network, whilst remaining below acceptable risk levels. Additionally, we investigate how to improve the performance of this algorithm by considering the effect a vehicle’s link choice has on the utility of other vehicles. We introduce a social penalty for reducing other vehicles’ utility and investigate the effects of including this as a factor in vehicles’ link choices. The resulting system sheds new light on the problem of effective link choice by route selection algorithms and highlights the potential that exists in VANET-based traffic management.
Titel på värdpublikationInternational IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
RedaktörerAndreas Hegyi
FörlagIEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Antal sidor8
StatusPublished - 2013
EvenemangInternational IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems - The Hague, Nederländerna
Varaktighet: 2013 okt. 6 → …


KonferensInternational IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
OrtThe Hague
Period2013/10/06 → …

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