On the Road : Studies in Honour of Lars Larsson

Kristina Jennbert (redaktör), Birgitta Hårdh (redaktör), Deborah Olausson (redaktör)

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On the Road is a book about travels and about travellers. The book contains articles written to honour Lars Larsson, Professor of Archaeology at Lund University, Sweden, upon the occasion of his 60th birthday. Lars Larsson is a scholar who has been particularly active in extablishing and maintaining contact with colleagues and departments worldwide.The fifty-three articles illustrate the complexities of the concept of travel in the past and in the present.
FörlagAlmqvist & Wiksell International
Antal sidor318
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-22-02163-6
StatusPublished - 2007


NamnActa Archaeologica Lundensia. Series in 4°
ISSN (tryckt)0065-1001

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  • Arkeologi


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