Optimized physical broadcast channel reception

Philip Månsson (uppfinnare), Jose Flordelis (uppfinnare), Enric Rovira (uppfinnare)

Forskningsoutput: Patent


A receiver receives information from a physical broadcast channel signal, wherein the receiver includes a blind processing and decoding unit that utilizes a hypothesis about how many transmit antennas were used to transmit the signal. Received signal characteristics are detected that indicate how many transmit antennas were used. Each transmit antenna hypothesis in a stored list represents how many transmit antennas were used. For each of the stored hypotheses, a probability value is determined based, at least in part, on the detected signal characteristics. The list of hypotheses is modified to associate the probability values with respective ones of the transmit antenna hypotheses. The modified list is used to provide antenna hypothesis probabilities, and the blind processing and decoding unit is operated such it begins with a most probable antenna hypothesis and continues with increasingly less probable antenna hypotheses until successful decoding occurs or all antenna hypotheses have been made.
PatentnummerUS8416891 B2
IPCG01S3/02; H03D1/00; H04W40/00
StatusPublished - 2013 apr. 9
Externt publiceradJa

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