Out of focus - The limits of a borderline profession

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The elusive chimaera “design” has been, in turn, an idea, a plan, a purpose, a sketch, a process, the result of a process, the core of a profession and the core of emerging professions… As such, the concept of what design is, will remain contradictory and resist to being ever determined in the absolute: the limitations of design are those that are imposed by those who define them. On an abstract level, there is no fear and there are no boundaries; but then, stretching the term to verge on the all-encompassing for a political agenda, the design profession and its research community is already instrumental for disentitling it of relevance: positioning design as the panacea for all problems afflicting the world. If design and design research will ever mature, the reflections on it will have to be put into a context: if there can ever be a design science – as long as it remains a science of the artificial, linked to human activity – it will be irredeemably linked to a field of application. Otherwise, it will lead to cursory outcomes of shallow depth, promoting a process of mere scientification and aggrandisation.
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StatusPublished - 2010
Evenemang25th Cumulus Conference 25/10 - Genk, Belgien
Varaktighet: 2010 juni 262010 juni 29


Konferens25th Cumulus Conference 25/10

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  • Produktionsteknik, arbetsvetenskap och ergonomi


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