Partially quenched and three flavour ChPT at two loops

Johan Bijnens, Niclas Danielsson, Timo Lähde

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A summary of recent progress in Chiral Perturbation Theory (ChPT) at the two-loop level is given. A short introduction to ChPT is included, along with an explanation of the usefulness of developing ChPT for partially quenched QCD. Further, our recent work in partially quenched ChPT is reviewed, and a few comments are given on older work in mesonic ChPT at the two-loop level. In particular, we quote the present best values for the low-energy constants of the O(p(4)) chiral Lagrangian.
Sidor (från-till)2777-2787
TidskriftActa Physica Polonica. Series B: Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, Theory of Relativity, Field Theory
StatusPublished - 2007

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