Passage retrieval in a question answering system.

Juri Pyykkö, Rebecka Weegar, Pierre Nugues

Forskningsoutput: KonferensbidragKonferenspaper, ej i proceeding/ej förlagsutgivetPeer review


In this paper, we describe a passage retrieval component for a questioning answering system and we evaluate its performance on
Swedish documents. We used a corpus of questions and answers transcribed from the Swedish board game Kvitt eller dubbelt
and, as source for the passages, we used the articles of the Swedish version of Wikipedia. We show that Wikipedia is a suitable
knowledge source to answer the game questions. For answers consisting of one word, we could extract passages of text that
contained the right answer for 91% of the questions and when these answers corresponded to an entity, we found and ranked
correct answers for up to 75% of the questions.
StatusPublished - 2014
EvenemangThe Fifth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC 2014) - Uppsala, Sverige
Varaktighet: 2014 nov. 132014 nov. 14


KonferensThe Fifth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC 2014)

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