Patient-related outcome, fracture displacement and bone mineral density following distal radius fracture in young and older men

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Background: Distal radius fractures can adversely affect wrist function; for men with this fracture, the role played by fracture severity, age and osteoporosis on fracture outcome has not been sufficiently studied. Objective: To describe patient-reported outcome and the association with bone integrity, fracture severity and future fracture risk among young and older men with distal radius fracture. Methods: This prospective study includes 133 men with acute distal radius fracture, mean age 54 (range 21–88), who were followed for 12 months. They were categorized as younger (< 65) and older (65+). Main outcome was DASH (Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand) at 12 months; DASH > 15 was defined as poor outcome. Fractures were classified and radiographic displacement identified at initial presentation and follow-up. BMD was measured and FRAX 10-year probability of fracture calculated. Results: Disability was higher in older men (DASHmedian 10 vs 2; p = 0.002); a clinically meaningful difference (ΔDASH = 10, p = 0.017) remained after adjustment for displacement, fracture classification and treatment method. Almost 50% of older men vs 14% in younger had poor outcome, p < 0.001. Bone mineral density did not independently predict outcome. Older men with a displaced fracture at initial presentation had greater disability (DASHmedian, IQR 45, 14;73) and risk of fracture (FRAXmajor osteoporotic 14, 8;21). Conclusion: Men over the age of 65 with a distal radius fracture are more likely to have post-fracture disability regardless of radiographic appearance. Fracture displacement, indicating impaired bone strength, is also more common and associated with an increased risk of fracture within 10-years. Secondary fracture prevention should therefore be considered in men presenting with distal radius fracture.

TidskriftBMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
StatusPublished - 2020

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