Patients' experiences before and after total wrist fusion or total wrist arthroplasty:A qualitative study of patients with wrist osteoarthritis

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Introduction: For patients with advanced wrist osteoarthritis (OA), total wrist fusion (TWF) is the standard surgical treatment, although total wrist arthroplasty (TWA) has become a plausible motion-preserving alternative. Purpose: To explore patients' experiences of living with advanced wrist OA before and after surgery with either a TWF or a TWA. Furthermore, we wanted to explore the expectations of surgery, appraisal of results, and the adaptation strategies used to overcome challenges in everyday life. Study Design: Qualitative descriptive. Methods: A purposive sample of 13 patients with advanced wrist OA surgically treated with TWF (n = 7) or TWA (n = 6) was recruited. Semistructured interviews were conducted and analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Results: Four categories are described: the problematic wrist, the breakpoint, appraisal of the results, and adaptation to challenges in everyday life. Pain relief was the primary expectation of surgery, and involvement in the discussion regarding different surgical options had a positive effect on the appraisal of results. The participants' ability to perform tasks in everyday life appeared to be more related to their level of pain than the range of wrist motion. Successful coping strategies were developed, enabling the participants to become more independent and adapt to challenges in daily life. Conclusions: Previous surgical experiences, occupation, and amount of wrist motion influenced the participants' expectations, surgical choice with either a TWF or a TWA, and the appraisal of results. The findings contribute valuable insights to both surgeons and hand therapists about the importance of having the patient's individual expectations and needs in focus.

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TidskriftJournal of Hand Therapy
Tidigt onlinedatum2020
StatusPublished - 2022

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