BACKGROUND: Proenkephalin A 119-159 (penKid) has been suggested as a marker of renal failure and poor outcome. We aimed to investigate the association of penKid on ICU admission with organ dysfunction and mortality in a mixed ICU population. In this retrospective, observational study, admission penKid levels from prospectively collected blood samples of consecutive patients admitted to four Swedish ICUs were analysed. The association of penKid with day-two sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) scores and 30-day mortality was investigated using (ordinal) logistic regression. The predictive power of penKid for 30-day mortality and dialysis was assessed using the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC).

RESULTS: Of 1978 included patients, 632 fulfilled the sepsis 3-criteria, 190 had a cardiac arrest, and 157 had experienced trauma. Admission penKid was positively associated with 30-day mortality with an odds ratio of 1.95 (95% confidence interval 1.75-2.18, p < 0.001), and predicted 30-day mortality in the entire ICU population with an AUC of 0.71 (95% confidence interval 0.68-0.73) as well as in the sepsis, cardiac arrest and trauma subgroups (AUCs of 0.61-0.84). Correction for admission plasma creatinine revealed that penKid correlated with neurological dysfunction.

CONCLUSION: Plasma penKid on ICU admission is associated with day-two organ dysfunction and predictive of 30-day mortality in a mixed ICU-population, as well as in sepsis, cardiac arrest and trauma subgroups. In addition to being a marker of renal dysfunction, plasma penKid is associated with neurologic dysfunction in the entire ICU population, and cardiovascular dysfunction in sepsis.

TidskriftIntensive Care Medicine Experimental
StatusPublished - 2021 juli 19

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Anestesi och intensivvård


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