Preparation and Characterization of EVA/Clay Nanocomposites with Improved Barrier Performance

Runcy Wilson, Tomás Plivelic, Abi Santhosh Aprem, C. Ranganathaiagh, S Anil Kumar, Sabu Thomas

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Poly (ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) (EVA)/clay nanocomposites containing two different organoclays with different clay loadings were prepared. The transport of gases (oxygen and nitrogen) through the composite membranes
was investigated and the results were compared. These studies revealed that the incorporation of nanoclays in the polymer increased the efficiency of the membranes toward barrier properties. It was also found that the barrier
properties of the membranes decreased with clay loadings. This is mainly due to the aggregation of clay at higher loadings. The morphology of the nanocomposites was studied by scanning electron microscopy, transmission
electron microscopy and X-ray scattering. Small angle X-ray scattering results showed significant intercalation of the polymer chains between the organo-modified silicate layers in all cases. Better dispersed silicate layer stacking and more homogeneous membranes were obtained for Cloisite 25A based nanocomposites compared with Cloisite 20A samples. Microscopic observations (SEM and TEM) were coherent with those results. The dispersion of clay platelets seemed to be maximized for 3 wt % of clay and agglomeration increased with higher clay loading. Wide angle X-ray scattering results showed no significant modifications in the crystalline structure of the EVA matrix because of the presence of the clays. The effect of free volume on the transport behavior was studied using positron annihilation spectroscopy. The permeability results have been correlated with various permeation models.
Sidor (från-till)3806-3818
TidskriftJournal of Applied Polymer Science
UtgåvaOnline 30 September 2011
StatusPublished - 2012

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