Preparations for retirement in Sweden: Migrant perspectives

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Migrants as a group are recognised as being at risk of receiving low retirement pensions. Income over a lifetime is the principle for calculating pension rights. We have interviewed a group of migrants about their retirement preparations. Our results show that there are obstacles that obstruct migrants from entering the Swedish labour market, which will greatly influence future pension rights. There are various lock-in effects that isolate migrants from the labour market and thus affect their present and future financial situation. Examples are labour market policy
activities and that the minimum level pensions have mobility restrictions. These trajectories are set in perspective to Nancy Fraser’s reasoning on justice in a transnational setting and Yeheskel Hasenfeld’s reflections on people processing. An important implication from our findings is the need to explore ways to include a group that is currently excluded from the labour market, hence adequate retirement income protection.
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TidskriftCritical Social Policy
StatusPublished - 2016 mar 24

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  • migrant entry, participation, people processing, retirement planning, Swedish old age pension system


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