Prisoner resettlement in Sweden

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In Sweden most prisoners serve a short prison sentence. Since the majority of all prisoners are subject to mandatory pre-release after having served two-thirds of the sentence, few spend more than four months in prison. Still, there is a group who serve prison sentences of two years or more. The resettlement process varies for the two groups, but all prisoners have a right to be supported, aiming for a better life after prison. The Prison and Probation Service (PPS) is one united, state-run organization and both prison and probation staff work together when planning for release and resettlement. There are several resettlement measures, but these are not generally applied as they presuppose an individual assessment. The PPS cooperate with municipalities and the third sector in different arrangements, and the offenders are regarded as a subject in the resettlement process, as they have to agree to any measures taken.
Titel på värdpublikationPrisoner Resettlement in Europe
RedaktörerFrieder Dünkel, Ineke Pruin, Anette Storgaard, Jonas Weber
UtgivningsortLondon and New York
ISBN (tryckt)978-1-138-72123-4
StatusPublished - 2018


NamnRoutledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice

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