Processing speed is affected by early impairment in kidney function in the general elder population

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Background: Chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive dysfunction are common in the elder population. There is evidence of a connection between these conditions, possibly by a shared vascular pathogenesis. Processing speed is commonly impaired in cerebrovascular disease. Methods: The data was obtained from the population based study “Good aging in Skåne” (GÅS), and included 905 individuals (mean age = 68 years). We investigated the impact of impaired kidney function at baseline on the development of dementia, MCI, and impairment in specific cognitive domains at follow up 6 years later, using logistic regression models. Impaired kidney function was defined as GFR < 60 ml/min/1,73 m2. GFR was estimated from creatinine and cystatin C, using the CKD-EPI formula. Function in the cognitive domains learning and memory, language, complex attention, executive function, perceptual-motor, as well as meta-memory, and global cognitive function, was assessed using a neuropsychological test battery consisting of 12 tests. We compared the test results from follow up, with the results obtained at baseline, using linear regression models in order to assess changes in performance in cognitive domains. Results: At follow up, 14 and 158 participants had developed dementia and MCI, respectively. We did not find evidence that moderately impaired eGFR at baseline increased the odds of dementia or MCI. A decline in processing speed was associated with impaired kidney function. Conclusions: The effect on processing speed could represent early vascular implications on cognition. Even at moderately impaired kidney function, overview of cardiovascular risk factors could potentially prevent further cognitive impairment.

TidskriftBMC Nephrology
StatusPublished - 2021

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