Pseudo-particle continuum modelling of nanowire growth in aerotaxy

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Aerotaxy growth of GaAs nanowires has shown to be capable of making GaAs wires, GaAsxP1-xwires (Metaferia, 2016) and even pn-junctions with phovovoltaic properties. With a goal of better understanding the aerotaxy process, we have developed a model for nanowire growth in Aerotaxy, based on a surface diffusion model for substrate-based growth. Our model considers the growth conditions, varying in time and space, as the seed particles and growing nanowires pass through the reactor. The growth is modeled as a chemical reaction, where gases but also particles are described as chemical species. By interpreting the continuous Au and GaAs species as wires with a length corresponding to the amount of material at that point, the particulate nature can be taken into account, without the arduous task of explicit particle modeling. Pseudo-particle modelling can potentially be used as a more general strategy for gas phase particle growth.
StatusPublished - 2020 aug. 31
EvenemangEuropean Aerosol Conference 2020 - Online, Aachen, Tyskland
Varaktighet: 2020 aug. 312020 sep. 4


KonferensEuropean Aerosol Conference 2020
Förkortad titelEAC 2020

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