Radiological findings in anastomotic leakage after anterior resection may predict a permanent stoma

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Background: Permanent stoma (PS) is common following treatment of anastomotic leakage (AL) after anterior resection (AR) and ways of predicting successful treatment outcome are missing.

Purpose: To explore radiological variables in rectal contrast studies in their relation to end-result of PS following treatment for AL after AR.

Material and Methods: The Swedish Cancer Registry (SCRCR) was explored for AL cases after AR for rectal cancer in patients operated in the region of Skåne from 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2011. Among identified AL cases, patients subjected to radiological imaging consistent with AL were evaluated according to a predetermined set of radiological variables. Information of PS as the end-result after AL treatment were retrieved from medical records.

Results: Thirty-two patients had radiological imaging available for analysis confirming AL after AR; PS rate after a median follow-up of 87 months (range = 21-165) after AR was 62%. Radiological findings compatible with abscess (P = 0.023) and a leak size ≤6 mm (P = 0.049) were significantly associated with PS.

Conclusion: In this limited explorative study, our findings suggest that abscess status and leak size could correspond to outcome of PS in treatment for AL after AR. Additional studies are warranted to further explore this subject.

TidskriftActa Radiologica Open
StatusPublished - 2020 jan.

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