Rapid Implementation of Telehealth Video Visits in Cancer Care – The Perspectives of Patients and Healthcare Professionals

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Background: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physical visits were replaced by video visits. The aim of this study was to evaluate
the rapid implementation of telehealth video visits in cancer care from the perspectives of patients and healthcare professionals to
gain knowledge about when physical visits can be replaced by video visits and to identify the improvements needed to optimize
cancer care.
Material and Methods: Questionnaires were designed for the purpose of the study and sent out during March 2021 to adult patients
(≥ 18 years) who had participated in video visits, healthcare professionals who had conducted video visits and scheduling staff who
had scheduled video visits from April to December 2020.
Results: 99 patients, 17 healthcare professionals and 14 scheduling staff answered the questionnaires. Although high levels of
satisfaction were reported, a need for improvement was identified. Most of the respondents were positive about continuing with video
visits, which functioned better with a familiar patient in a follow-up situation, especially for those living far from the hospital, frail
patients, and those in need of frequent follow-up. The necessary improvements mainly concerned technical issues pertaining to the
digital platform, training and support.
Conclusion: Telehealth video visits are a good complement to physical visits and phone calls. There is a need to optimise the
use of video visits regarding types of visit (i.e., new visits, during treatment, follow-up, etc.) for selected patients with improved
instructions, guidelines and education as well as a safe and user-friendly digital tool.
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TidskriftInternational Journal of Nursing Health Care Research
StatusPublished - 2022

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