Real and virtual photon structure

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The structure of real and virtual photons has been studied in electron-proton scattering processes producing di-jet events at HERA by the H1 and ZEUS collaborations. Data have been compared to next-to-leading order QCD calculations and to the predictions of Monte Carlo generators based on the DGLAP and CCFM formalisms for describing the parton dynamics.
StatusPublished - 2002
Evenemang37th Recontres de Moriond QCD and hadronic interactions - Les Arcs, Frankrike
Varaktighet: 2002 mar 162002 mar 23


Konferens37th Recontres de Moriond QCD and hadronic interactions
OrtLes Arcs

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Proceedings 'QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions', Recontres de Moriond

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