Real-time observation of Cooper pair splitting showing strong non-local correlations

Antti Ranni, Fredrik Brange, Elsa T. Mannila, Christian Flindt, Ville F. Maisi

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Controlled generation and detection of quantum entanglement between spatially separated particles constitute an essential prerequisite both for testing the foundations of quantum mechanics and for realizing future quantum technologies. Splitting of Cooper pairs from a superconductor provides entangled electrons at separate locations. However, experimentally accessing the individual split Cooper pairs constitutes a major unresolved issue as they mix together with electrons from competing processes. Here, we overcome this challenge with the first real-time observation of the splitting of individual Cooper pairs, enabling direct access to the time-resolved statistics of Cooper pair splitting. We determine the correlation statistics arising from two-electron processes and find a pronounced peak that is two orders of magnitude larger than the background. Our experiment thereby allows to unambiguously pinpoint and select split Cooper pairs with 99% fidelity. These results open up an avenue for performing experiments that tap into the spin-entanglement of split Cooper pairs.

TidskriftNature Communications
StatusPublished - 2021 dec.

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