Recovery of Uniform Samples and Spectrum of Band-limited Irregularly Sampled Signals

Mahdi Ghazaei, Rolf Johansson

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This paper presents a straightforward method to convert non-uniformly sampled data to uniform samples in order to be processed by some off-line techniques such as system identification. In such scenarios, we deal with a finite-length measurement sequence. We assume periodic extension of the signals, which results in a simple system of linear equations. Furthermore, we take into account a number of practical considerations for solving the system of equations and dealing with issues such as loss of samples. Thanks to the insights from the frequency domain, a non-integer delay element with respect to discrete-time signals is introduced. This interpretation leads to iterative algorithms for reconstruction of either time or frequency representations of the non-uniform samples. We provide simulation results for the case of jitter in the sampling clock and/or drops. Finally, our approach is compared with a few earlier works and the results are discussed.
FörlagDepartment of Automatic Control, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University
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StatusPublished - 2016


NamnTechnical Reports TFRT-7647
ISSN (tryckt)0280-5316

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  • Beräkningsmatematik


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