Reflexive Leadership: Organising in an imperfect world

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Making a case for a reflexive approach to leadership, the authors draw upon decades of carrying out indepth studies of professionals trying to “do” leadership. Through interviews with managers and their subordinates, getting a good understanding of organizational context, and critically interpreting their observations considering both leadership theories and a wealth of other perspectives, their celebration of reflexivity is used to question dominant leadership thinking. Considering and challenging various departures from lines of reasoning results in a book that draws upon rich empirical material and which has a number of new, provocative, critical and constructive ideas that help to develop sharper and more thoughtful thinking and practice - both in academic and practical contexts.

Suitable for leadership and organisation courses at upper-level undergraduate and upwards (including MBA-classes and Executive Education) and a thought provoking read for practitioners and management development professionals interested in leadership thought.
FörlagSAGE Publications
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ISBN (elektroniskt)9781473994362
ISBN (tryckt)9781412961592, 9781412961585
StatusPublished - 2017 jan.

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