Rehabilitation Engineering and Design Research - Theory and Method

Bodil Jönsson, Peter Anderberg

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All scientific research requires problem definition and discipline, as well as concept and method formation. However, from a human point of view the most important problems are probably those found in areas where it may be difficult to provide such ideal research conditions. Rehabilitation engineering and design research is one such field. Nonetheless, we believe that these theory and method formation problems are manageable and our objective in writing this report is to demonstrate how.

The starting point for rehabilitation engineering and design research are human needs/wishes/dreams and its most important yardstick is the enjoyment and benefit it brings to users. The process thus begins with the individual and ends with the individual. At the same time, the method, and to some extent the language, of rehabilitation engineering research is that of technology – the technical solutions and their design demonstrate how problems have been interpreted and how technical and educational possibilities can be implemented. The field has many points in common with medical research, although rehabilitation engineering and design research concerns exterior tools while in medical research the tools are interior ones. But the goal is the same as that of medical research: to cure, alleviate and/or comfort.
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StatusPublished - 1999


ISSN (tryckt)1101-9956

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