Resonance Enhancement with Antenna Modeling

Gerhard Kristensson, Margaret Cheney, Jerry Kim

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This paper develops theory for an iterative experimental approach to use one or more antennas to identify resonances of a scattering system, which could consist of the antennas and one or more scattering objects. We include realistic mathematical models for the antennas and for target(s), and we show that the resonances include effects from the antennas and wave propagation as well as the target scattering operator and its poles. We show how the effects of the antennas and wave propagation paths can be removed, to leave only the effect of the target scattering operator. We include simulations for the case of one and two cylindrical dipole antennas probing a dielectric sphere, and we show the effect of antenna resonances on the iterative experimental process.
StatusPublished - 2018


NamnTechnical Report LUTEDX/(TEAT-7261)/1-28/(2018)

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