Robustness Margins Separating Process Dynamics Uncertainties

Per-Ola Larsson, Tore Hägglund

Forskningsoutput: KonferensbidragKonferenspaper, ej i proceeding/ej förlagsutgivetPeer review


In controller design, not only set-point tracking and disturbance rejection can be considered, also robustness towards process uncertainties is a key issue. In this paper, new robustness measures that divide uncertainties into dead time and non-dead time uncertainties, are presented. It is shown, to
the contrary of classic measures such as phase/gain/dead time margins, to guarantee stability towards simultaneous process changes, but at the same time being more flexible and less conservative than the robust control framework. The measures depend on extended sensitivity functions and are well illustrated in a Nyquist diagram giving valuable insight. Procedures to
calculate the robustness margins are presented and examples are given.
StatusPublished - 2009
EvenemangEuropean Control Conference, 2009 : ECC´09 - Budapest, Ungern
Varaktighet: 2009 aug. 232009 aug. 26


KonferensEuropean Control Conference, 2009

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